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I’m Daniel Otero Prol a telecommunications engineer and videogames programmer currently working at BlitWorks as porting Software Engineer. I am a very motivated, hard-working and curious person, always eager to learn and to improve, especially in networking, engine programming, AI and code optimization.

I had the opportunity to publish one videogame on PC during my student time, Fuel Renegades. Currently, I am working in various titles like Don’t Starve (mainly Android and iOS although I could add a small contribution to the console versions) and two unannounced projects. In one of them, I am responsible for the Linux and Mac versions. The other project it’s targeting the Nintendo console, Switch. I am not allowed to share more info at the moment.

In my spare time, I like to swim, play videogames and of course code. Nowadays, I am working on various personal projects where I extend my knowledge in different languages like Python or mess around with other game engines, but I want to highlight a new game engine that I am coding from scratch. I am taking more time to study in depth and measure the data structures and libraries that I have used on previous projects and replacing them with my own (like the C++ STL and its allocators). I will post its progress soon with some articles showing what I learn adding multithreading and fibers to the engine and a comparative between the C++ STL and my own. Also, I like to participate when I can in game jams to improve my game design skills, learn and expand my knowledge on new tools.